Wig Review: Freetress Equal Sammi

The Freetress Equal "Sammi" is my first lace wig and I have to say I'm pleased. The lace is a little scratchy but once cut I don't notice it. I wear it with a beige wig cap underneath and plucked the part a bit for a more natural look. It's not the wig's fault but I wish the part was on the left instead of the right, that the cap was a little bigger as the fit is a little too snug for me, and that the texture was available in yaki. However, all that aside I adore it. I was hesitant to try a color other than 1B because I've seen some colors that look one way online and in person you start chastising yourself because you knew better. When I took it out of the packaging I was excited! The color is beautiful: dark browns with a shot of caramel throughout with darker brown roots. 

The Stats

  • Color: OP430
  • Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Texture: Smooth but with realistic shine
  • Style/Curl Pattern: Soft but defined waves
  • Construction: Standard cap construction with two small combs in the front on either side of the part and one in back at the nape. 
  • Price: $23.99, purchased at Sam's Beauty online
  • Wear: After wearing it every day for two weeks there was very little shedding and no fall in the curls. The care card recommends washing it in cold water with a mild shampoo and allowing it to air dry without brushing. It's heat safe up to 400°. Made in Indonesia.

Final Impression: I received a ton of compliments with this wig ,but I started liking it even more after I saw the pictures I took for this post. I want another in the same color. It's an affordable incredibly flirty wig that will suit a lot of face shapes and aesthetics.



Lip color: Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in 902C "Bare It All" with clear gloss on top