Avocado Oil: Nature's Beauty Elixir

Pressed from the pulp of avocados this oil is one of my favorites, if not my favorite oil to use for all things beauty. My fellow millennials have been ridiculed for the love affair we seem to have for the fruit and though buying the oil hasn’t prevented me from paying my student loans or buying a home it’s done far greater wonders for my complexion and hair. So this is my ode to that humble delightfully affordable-for-now oil that has hit the shift key on my beauty routine. I use cold pressed unrefined avocado oil so it still retains its nutritive properties which include vitamin E and oleic acid among others. From head to toe I find a use for this in just about everything.

  1. Adding it to deep conditioner and as a hot oil treatment pre shampoo.
  2. Using it for facial massage

  3. Using it as a nail oil

  4. Adding it to my body lotion for extra hydration

  5. Using it on cuts and irritated skin to help protect and encourage healing

  6. Using it as a makeup remover

  7. Using it to seal in moisture for my hair

 The brand I use decanted into an applicator bottle

The brand I use decanted into an applicator bottle

And I’m still looking for ways to use it. I know I can eat it but I haven’t gotten there yet. Go figure because it is one of the best oils to put in and on your food.

Because of the oleic acid it may not be ideal for oily skin types or for people who are acne prone as oleic acid can cause stickiness in already clogged skin so therefore may worsen conditions these skin types. Your experience may vary. I’ve noticed only the opposite with an improvement in clarity and tone, however I don’t know if these results would be the same if I hadn’t gotten my hormonal fluctuations under control. If you’re allergic to avocados speak with your doctor before you try this.


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