Dare180: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero


Back in 2014, Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass came as a recommendation from Brittney over at Maverick’s Canvas and it did not disappoint. It had been a long time since I read a book not as assigned material for school or work where I felt the need to take notes. With her refreshing candor she  shares stories from her life and expands on the teachings of others from various walks of life who have achieved their personal goals of success. Though Sincero dabbles a bit with the law of attraction, a concept which I find is deeply seated in pseudoscience and not to be taken seriously, she comes back around to the idea that ultimately having an optimistic view helps open your attitude to opportunities and ideas that you may have missed before when living with a negative mindset. She lays down a path for the reader to see themselves living their best life by the time they turn the final page by presenting traditional self help concepts like ending procrastination, impostor syndrome, developing time management skills, and working in the face of fear in a cutting way. She sees right through the bullshit and will not accept our excuses of what may be holding us back from even beginning to go after the things we dream about. Despite unapologetically breaking down our walls of self criticism and defeatist attitudes she does it with care and humor. She ends each chapter with a directive for self love and kindness which drives home the entire point of the book: you have to love yourself in order to move forward to the life you absolutely deserve.

This book is great for anyone who likes a frank yet cheerful approach to self help, however I think it will be particularly appealing to creatives and those with a meandering set of interests and life goals; people who constantly visit the land of self doubt. I found a reflection of myself in these pages and kept thinking over and over as a I made my way through it, “How did she know? This is exactly what I needed to hear in exactly this way.” My original notes from this book were lost in a move, but when I reread it to bring you this review I found myself being inspired again and again and broke out a new notebook. I’ve got several pages of notes and will be rereading the book again to see what else may hit me that didn’t the first few times. That to me is a hallmark of a book well done when you keep finding truths in the pages. This book speaks and you should really take the time to listen to what it has to say.