We Wear The Mask


I know Laurence Dunbar didn’t intend for me to take that so literally, but what am I supposed to do when one of my besties brings me fifteen sheet masks for Christmas? These are from her latest trip to NYC (video) and while in K-town she stopped at the Face Shop and royally hooked me up. There are so many different kinds I don’t even know what to do. Though I haven’t tried this brand before I’ve been drinking the sheet mask kool aid for about five years now. Thank the universe for the Korean Wave because now they’re everywhere and I hope they’ll be here to stay. These are the “flavors” I now get to play in:

aloe, avocado, blueberry, cucumber, green tea, honey, kelp, lemon, mung bean, olive, pomegranate, red ginseng, rice, shea butter, tea tree
(the below images don't link to anything, but now you can feel overwhelmed like I did when I opened the package and know what they look like if you go on the hunt for them)

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