Dare180: Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Eat that frog.jpg

At only 117 pages this book packs a lot of punch and it makes sense as the author is all about getting the most done in the least amount of time. High potency self help at your fingertips that respects your time by not taking up too much of it. the author, Brian Tracy, presents twenty-one methods you can implement to help you get what you really want done accomplished. It’s an easy read that I think most can do in one session. He encourages you to put them to work right away and shares stories of others who found progress and success with them. I like it so much because he touts writing down your goals and plans to achieve them and I am a huge fan of that. The book focuses on helping you do five main things

  1. Figuring out what is truly important to you accomplishing your goal

  2. Planning ahead

  3. Working on the worst part of a task first

  4. Creating motivation

  5. Taking care of your mental and physical health

This guide is like a snack shop of extremely helpful methods you can employ to get done what you truly need to accomplish; no filler. All of it is based on time proven methods that help people get more meaningful shit done. The overarching theme is all about picking one task to accomplish and focusing on that one task until it is complete. Multi-tasking is not celebrated here. Helpful chapter summaries at the end of the book help keep all the techniques at the front of your mind and easy to reference when you don’t have time to go back through the whole book but need a quick refresher. My review is on the second edition and there’s a third one available now. Whichever you get your hands on won’t be a mistake. Now I hadn't read the book in a few years before I sat down to tell you about it here because I haven't had much of an issue with procrastination, but it's going back into rotation because it really helped cheer me on when I was feeling a little dragged down by all the mountains of crap currently on my to-do list. That kind of help, at minimum, is worth the page count. Don't sleep on this one.