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2017 Hair Rehab


I decided to put myself into hair rehab starting July 1st . I actually don’t need the rehab as my hair is in really good shape, but I’m busy and I want to have my mornings free and give my hands and hair a break. Also, I want to try out some new styles now that my cornrowing skills are no longer completely pathetic. For the next six months I’ll be chronicling the styles and methods I use to keep my hair under wraps. 


July 2017


I made a length check tee which was something I swore I would never do because it seemed the slightest bit obsessive to me, but I've since changed my views on that. I realized that it can be a really helpful tool to help document progress at lengths beyond the shoulder as well as illustrate to others exactly what you're talking about and where you are when your goal is retaining length. 

Things You Need To Know About Me

  1. My hair is virgin hair. It has never had a chemical process on it. After a fresh wash and air dry it is a delightful mess of tight curls and kinks, fine to medium strands, but very dense. Occasionally I straighten it, sometimes with heat and sometimes without. In the pictures above it was freshly washed and blow dried, but by the time I took the photos it had begun to shrink up again.
  2. I have two endocrine disorders that make taking care of my hair more challenging than it would be otherwise. For the past year I've been able to manage my disorders well enough that I haven't experienced hair loss or thinning that is a hallmark of the conditions involving hypothyroid disorder and hyperandrogenism from polycystic ovarian syndrome. In the past I've had to cut my hair and start over not knowing that it wasn't anything I was doing wrong that was causing these troubles.

  3. I don’t lay down my edges. I don’t mind them looking how they look un-manipulated. Plus, I find the process to be frustrating and unkind to my scalp and hair and hate having all the product build up.

My goal for all of this is to retain length and sanity. I’ll be very busy tackling my Dare180 challenge and I do not have the time to be in my follicles, but I want them to be taken care of. So I’ll be using styles like cornrows to keep my hair low maintenance. I plan to deep condition and strengthen as often as I take them down (about every three weeks), trimming as needed, and adding moisture daily with my hair and scalp tonic. I'd like to be at or very near the 7 line by the end of the year.

I'll keep you up to date with my progress and the hair styles, methods, and products that I use along the way under the Hair2017 tag on the blog.