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Dare 180: Felines Happen To You


Her Royal Chaos, Calliope

Her Royal Chaos, Calliope

Things have been quiet on the blog because at home I’ve been handling a 2.5 lb furry whirlwind named Calliope. The two weeks has seen my household turned upside down thanks to a little grey kitten that showed up at my workplace. She caught a ride in the wheelwell of a coworker’s Toyota sedan and after trying to place her and finding her a home where it didn’t work out she ended up with me. Having a kitten all of a sudden is like someone just handed you a toddler, said “Here you go.”, and walked away. My house wasn’t ready for a kitten so I’ve spent the past weekend kittenproofing. Which is just as well because there were many things I needed to sort through that she could kill herself with (Kittens are quasi-suicidal by nature.) in my guest room which is now...her room. It has been my experience that cats just happen to me. I have never once gone out to get a pet cat. They have always come to me one way or another and now here we are.

Since I already have a geriatric cat riddled with infectious disease who has long been established in my home it is going to take some doing getting them both adjusted to one another. Plus, it puts my cleaning schedule into overdrive. I do not need my small home smelling like there are two litter boxes in it. That is beyond not cute.

What all of this means is that many of my projects have been put on hold while I get two cats trained not to kill each other. It’s a lot of work considering I don’t think pets were even a thought when my home was designed, but it will be worth it to figure out how to make it work. Little Calliope is such a delight. She’s friendly, sweet, and fearless. I suppose one would have to be to ride 40 miles inside the wheelwell of a car. Life keeps delivering these obstacles and I’m doing my best to face them head on. I think that after another week I’ll have figured out a new schedule and can post regularly again.