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Introducing the Dare180 Challenge


I’m making a personal challenge to break down the barriers of the box I put my own self in and go after everything I want. For the next six months I’m throwing myself 1,000% into every project and idea that I’ve been daydreaming about and I’m calling it The Dare 180 Challenge. Now, whatever I can do I will do. I’ve got projects I’ve started but never finished. Sometimes it’s a money issue which can’t be easily overcome for me right now, but most often it’s that I haven’t made whatever project or idea a priority. My particular privilege in life helps make doing this kind of challenge possible, however it’s my mindset that is most important. Thrive over survive. That’s the difference. Merely existing is and was never enough for me.

I didn’t want to be known as only an “X” or a “Y” or a “Z” when I knew I had so many different interests and facets to who I was and what I do, but this thinking was stopping me from going after a lot of the goals on my list. I finally learned that it’s okay if people put labels on me. It doesn’t mean I have to put them on myself or be overly concerned about it. Oddly enough I solidified this revelation after listening to a Marc Maron podcast (don’t ask me which one) when he said in a nutshell that he didn’t mind if people knew him from his stand-up or his podcast or as a radio DJ or from his T.V show because all of those things were things he enjoyed doing and were a part of him. Eventually his audiences cross over and they find something new to like. I found that endearing and even though I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan of his work per se I do appreciate his honest and open perspective. It was the clue I needed to get about 15 years ago. It’s never too late though. Sometimes you find wisdom in the places where you least expect it. My father shared a similar idea with me years ago: “It’s none of your business what people think of you” which I internalized in many ways, but it took a long time before I put two and two together. It felt like such a duh moment that I spent more time than necessary kicking myself for not realizing it sooner. Yes, I can dance, and write, and play music, and design, and sew, and model, and do the everything of the everything I enjoy and it doesn’t matter if people know me for one of those things or all of them. I wonder what went wrong in my thinking where I needed so much for other people to see me exactly as I saw myself when it’s none of their business what I think of myself.

Wherever I find my flow is where I’ll go. Whatever isn’t working I’ll drop. I won’t let road blocks deter me. I’m gonna blast right through them. Reviving this blog is evidence of me putting this challenge in action. There’s so much that I can accomplish when I have the mind to. It isn’t a matter of going at breakneck speed but at breakneck passion. Over the next few weeks I'm going to share with you exactly how I'm going about this and some of the things I plan to accomplish. Tell me: What is it that you want to achieve this year and how are you going about doing it? Let me know in the comments or send me a line. We can share our progress together. As you probably already know it’s hard to go it alone.