While I've Been Away | Instagram

The most I've done in my studio these past few weeks is walk through it save for the random small progress I make here and there on my  Burda 7123 pants. I'm growing more and more frustrated that I haven't had time to myself to do as I please. Now that Labor Day weekend has past I'm looking forward to quiet evenings and maybe just perhaps a weekend all to myself with no major social demands. I may be outgoing and I adore being with my friends and family, but I am quite the introvert and need time alone to regroup/recuperate.  Though I haven't been posting here as often as I'd like I have managed to post on Instagram. If you want to keep up with me even when I'm not here you can find me there @trulyclaire or www.instagram.com/trulyclaire. Above is a feed of my latest posts. Take care and I'll see you there!


I'll be posting frequently on the blog again starting in October!