New Little Brother

I've had this little gem in my studio for the last two and half weeks or so.  I have no need whatsoever to own four sewing machines....and yet I do. Now, let it be known I have a great animosity towards modern Brother home sewing machines. I will not hesitate to bad mouth them in polite company. They are temperamental,  a right pain to calibrate, and have let me down far too many times, but when my friend sent a picture of this while she was shopping in Goodwill I couldn't say no. It was only $40.00 USD including the table.  I wanted it because of the table, but this little Brother is from the old school complete with metal body (not that flimsy plastic crap) so it holds more favor in my eye than it usually would.

Sure the table is missing knobs and is made of wood composite, but it's adorable and with a little elbow grease and maybe some paint can be made even more so. I have high ideas for this little treasure, including replacing the Brother machine. I haven't taken the machine for a run yet, but it came with accessories and a sign saying that it is fully functional. No instruction manual but that won't be problem. 

Also, by a sheer stroke of luck I've gotten the day off so everything I couldn't get done this weekend due to a terrible allergy attack (sewing those Burda pants) I'll get a chance to do today. Wish me luck!