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Double Breasted Rehab



I haven't done much of anything in my studio this week. Let's not even talk about the Burda 7123 pants. The most I've done is cut them out and pull out the binding fabric for the waistband and stared at it. What I did do was buy new buttons for this Goodwill treasure that was missing two buttons and has been languishing on my spare form for months. There was a whole button saga, the details of which I'll spare you; but essentially I was holding out for a set of crossed revolvers that to my chagrin aren't available in 1" diameter. 


So I went to my local Hancock and picked these. They are called "brass pointed shield" and are a classic style if not a little boring. The good thing about buttons is that they're an easy and quick change so if  I ever do find 1" diameter crossed revolver wonderfulness I will not hesitate to swap them out. I just can't stand to wait and not have an opportunity this season to wear this great jacket. It's another $5.00 USD find that can do so much. Now, with the way my schedule has been I don't know if I'll even have time to sew on these buttons, but at least they'll be ready for when things slow down again; fingers crossed: will be soon.