Burda 7123 First Fitting

I was not happy at all with cutting the size 12. This after I carefully measured the pattern. My deduction is that Burda doesn't cut for curvy body types as a default. This of course is always a possibility as the average body type pattern companies cut for is not curvy. No reflection on actual bodies in society but there it is. Next time I sew a Burda pant I'll cut the 14. It will be easier to fit that way.

So what I'm going to do is undo the side seams and sew them a little smaller, maybe leave a quarter inch behind. I think that's all I need, but if that doesn't work then I'll just re-cut the pattern right around the hips because surprisingly I'm satisfied with the fit around my thighs. The center back seam should be reshaped but I think the crotch depth is fine. Hopefully, I'll have time this week to do all this and crossing fingers that next week I can cut and sew these in the fashion fabric. If I can get these done sooner I'll be shocked. Shocked I tell you.