Barren Studio

I haven't done any of this in nearly three weeks

I knew my schedule was about to go into overdrive but I had no idea that it would take me away from my creative space for so long. Though I've been busy with lots of really wonderful things like baby baptisms and new jobs and spending much needed time with friends, I have been hankering to get back into my studio. I've barely had time to blink let alone work on my current projects and start developing new ones. I managed to sew a muslin of the Burda pants and be really, really unhappy with the fit before everything went full throttle. I should have cut a size 14, but I'll put all of that in another post. I won't apologize for leaving my blog for so long because my non-virtual life will always come first, but I am so very sorry for myself that I haven't been creating. Very soon I'll be back at it and will be posting my updates more regularly once again