New Hair | Breeze

In the studio taking pictures instead of working. I got as as far as doing my eyes and then gave up. Let's be happy I got this far. Let's be happy I had the wig on inside the house because that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the blog.

I wear wigs from time to time to give myself a break from my hair and give my hair a break from myself. We're both grateful for the time away. This particular wig is by Motown Tress and it is called "Breeze". I'll be wearing it throughout the summer. It will be this or a bandana because my Summer should be spent being carefree and not fussing and primping over my hair. The humidity where I live will wreck any style I try to do  anyway.

I've worn it off an on for about a week and a quick review is that: it tangles like a beast, is a little snug on my slightly large head, but wears delightfully well. For thirty dollars I'm okay with all of that.  It's a bit wiggy of course being that the damn thing is smoothly extruded plastic so it shines like a disco ball in a hall of mirrors even with a generous helping of dry shampoo (cornstarch). Also, I don't bother much to keep my hair underneath very flat. I like it wigginess and all. I'm not trying to convince anyone it's my hair only that I cared enough not to wear a bandana that day.