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Simplicity 1696 and Burda 7123


Simplicity 1696 that I made for my birthday in 2014. Sewn up in poplin, no stretch.

I've made Simplicity 1696 before and found it to be mostly enjoyable. Lengthening the inseam on the pattern was the only tweak it really needed which is fine since I have to do that on all commercial patterns. Sewing up a few pairs of pants in this pattern would be fast and give me some workhorses right away, but I like variety...

The pattern envelops and the blue gabardine laid out on my cutting/drafting table.

The pattern envelops and the blue gabardine laid out on my cutting/drafting table.

I picked up this Burda 7123 pattern a while back and I've never cut it. So the first thing I'll do is make a muslin for it (View A) and decide if I want to go any further with it for now. I have an idea to sew it up in the blue fabric pictured. I was saving it for sewing up in my own design, but it was so similar to the Burda one I found I decided against reinventing the wheel this time. If the Burda sews up to look anything close to the image on the envelope I'll take it in three pairs: white, grey, and blue to start. My only concern is that it looks a little baggy around the lower leg which isn't quite the look I'm going for but is an easy enough alteration.

I figure if I have around 6 pairs of pants in different colors and slightly different cuts that should be more than enough to satisfy my need. I'll have to go fabric sourcing this weekend and see what my options are. It'd be great to burn down some yardage from my stash but I just don't have anything beyond the blue gabardine that'd work.