New Job = New Clothes

It's incredible how much traveling internationally threw me off schedule. I bounced back after about two weeks but then went headlong into a busy week of helping friends move house, working on projects for offcultured, and getting ready for a new full time job. I feel like I'm just now catching my breath and am able to turn my focus back on designing and creating.

Some of my finds from my last visit to Goodwill. Left to right: Blazer, Forever 21; Blazer, Etro; Shirt, Ann Taylor Loft; Shirt, Liz Claiborne

I have a bunch of new projects to work on to help me get ready for this new job. I'll be working in an office and though they have a relaxed vibe it's still business casual. My wardrobe is fine as it is but I've hit up the Goodwill looking for more pieces to round it out so it can transition more easily into an office environment. Along with the thrift store finds I want to make a few basic pieces that can be the bones of what I wear to work. The only rule in all of this is that whatever I find or make must be something that I would wear even when I'm not at work. I don't like having "work clothes" but I like when I have versatile clothes I can wear to work. 

My first project is to knock off this $4.oo dress (sans label) from the Goodwill. When I first bought it I wanted it in every color because it's very chic and so easy to wear. I even wore it to my interview that landed me the new job. Belted, it is phenomenal which is really the only way I wear it, but it also works with a sweater over it  to become a great layering piece in cooler weather.

I'll add this one and a few other pieces I want to do to the current projects list so you can follow along.


I'll share detail photos in another post for the Wedding Guest Dress. I still want to put in a lining and I also want to recut a facing for it. Overall, it was a great success and the bride adored it. I can't wait until it's officially finished.