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Yellow Plaid Dress


What I decide to wear each day usually revolves around shoes. Without a doubt the shoe is my favorite article of clothing because it is a sculptural and functional little piece of wearable art. An outfit can be elevated or deflated by a choice of footwear. That said the main reason why I'm making this dress is to have something to wear with this particular pair:

                                                             Seychelles "Under The Influence" Pump

                                                             Seychelles "Under The Influence" Pump

These pumps came out in 2007. They came in a beautiful navy blue, but at the time I was a poor college student and couldn't justify the price. A few months later I found a green pair in Ross for about $15.00 and though green wasn't my first choice I scooped them up because I loved the silhouette so much. Since then I've worn them exactly once.

This dress is a part of my personal challenge to whittle away at my fabric collection (read: hoard). I had five yards of it, gave away two, and the rest will be turned into this dress designed specifically for these shoes. I've given myself a year to complete the challenge...I started last year in the summer so I've already failed that part, but I'm keeping at it anyway. I hope to reduce my stash by at least half and I'll elaborate on the whole challenge in another post.

See you in the next post!


I decided to try and do "real" illustrations for the blog instead of throwing up my quick sketches. Give you a little eye candy. It goes without saying that I'm terrible at rendering plaid cut on the bias but you'll forgive that because I believe you get the gist of it.