Wedding Guest Dress Update II: Fabric Found

                                 1. plum bengaline   2. basic bleached muslin   3. yellow plaid wool blend

                                1. plum bengaline   2. basic bleached muslin   3. yellow plaid wool blend

This past week kind of got away from me due to bad weather (flooded car) and family highs (birthdays and successful surgeries) and lows (deaths and bad attitudes). I only got as far as finding the fabric for the Wedding Guest Dress. Luckily, I didn't have to order it online. I found the perfect plum at Joanne's in the suiting section. It's a poly-blend bengaline that has a bit of spandex for stretch and a bit of rayon for a smooth hand. It was $9.99 USD a yard and I bought four yards of it. I  also had a coupon and saved a little moolah which is always nice. Later in the week I picked up ten yards of muslin as I was completely out and I was able to get that at a discount too; only paid $26 USD for the whole bolt. The yellow-plaid is a wool-poly blend I've had for years and it's the fabric for the second dress I mentioned in the last post. 

I'm hoping, if there are no surprises, I'll be able to sew a mock-up of at least the plum dress by tomorrow. My trip is in two weeks and I know how quickly that can sneak up on me so I want to get the dress done by the end of the week at the latest and finish its petticoat that weekend. For now it will have to go unlined but I plan on lining it with some fun printed habotai later when I have the time. It'd be nice if I can find the time (and the habotai I want) before the trip, but I won't hold my breath.

I hope your week has been pleasant and that you're enjoying a beautiful weekend.