Wedding Guest Dress Progress I

I finally went looking  for plum fabric and the selection was severely anemic. No surprise there seeing as how it's Spring and I don't live near a fashion district. Most everything was the right kind but wrong color or vice versa.  I found some fabrics that could work at and I may order swatches today. The reason I'm on the fence is because I'm mulling over this one ponte knit fabric I found that would work and would work very well save for one irritating factor: most ponte knits attract lint, dust, and dander like a neodymium super magnet and this one was no exception. However,  ponte knit is great for this project because it's fullness is perfect for this design, it's great for travel thanks to minimal wrinkling, it's usually warmer than gabardine, and it's readily available meaning I could make up my mind today and have a few yards of it ready to go in a project drawer. In the mean time I've completed the first bodice and sleeve draft (pictured above).

Also, in order to start this new project I had to take another project off my dress form.  It's another dress which happens to be very similar to this one in that they both have circle skirts (I just decided) and that they are fall garments. I'll make a sketch of the other and add it to the Current Projects list so you can follow along for that one too. They'll both need petticoats so I'll work on them in tandem.  If we're lucky and I can make a decision on the fabric sooner rather than later we can have at least one new dress by the end of the month and one on the way.