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I’m Moving House!

Well, my blog house. I’ve been spring cleaning around The Hidden Orchid (the name I gave my actual house) and now my sights have turned to the blog. You won’t notice a whole lot of visual changes but the usability is going to be much nicer. It will be on the backend that the biggest changes will happen and because of this the posts are going to slow down a lot. The reason for the slowdown is that I have to manually move some files and the fewer files I have to move the faster this change will be. I’m excited for what’s coming because it means creating content will be a lot easier which means that keeping up with my posting goals will be too. Everything will be over at the new platform by May 30, 2018 but you don’t have to change your bookmarks as I’ll still be here at

In the meantime follow me on Twitter so you can stay up to date with what’s happening on the blog and my general shenanigans.


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